Boca West Country Club Membership Information

For the official information on Membership at the Boca West Country Club please click on the buttons to the right

Annual Club Membership required; however, all members and their families may enjoy with some limitations, full access to all Club facilities.

  • New homeowners pay a joining fee of $70,000:
    $45,000 represents Capital Improvements and is non-refundable
    $25,000 represents Equity; 80% is returned upon the sale of the property.

    Members pay annual Social Dues. This entitles the user(s) the full rights and privileges to all our facilities. Members may play Golf and/or Tennis without limitation after 11 a.m. Golf and Tennis add-ons will enable full access (i.e. earlier play, teams, select tournaments). Individual and Family add-ons are available for Golf and Tennis to enable expanded facility utilization. Members may opt in each year without penalty if they wish to take an add-on.

  • As a Social Member there are no limitations for our Fitness Center, Spa, Aquatics or Restaurants and minimal limitations for Golf and Tennis.

  • Many private country clubs in South Florida do not allow unlimited use of golf and tennis in the absence of a special sports membership.

  • Our dues structure favors the individual who does not visit often and cannot justify the full membership cost for golf and/or tennis privileges.

  • Family of Social Members may use the facilities after obtaining a House Guest Card and enjoy the full services of the Club for $15 a week per guest card. The individual pays a special rate for tennis, golf, and spa usage. Similar to holding a Social Membership, this is a pay as you go program that enables family to enjoy the resort lifestyle of the Club!

Offspring Privilege Program

  • Offspring homeowners Purchasing Equity – The total Joining Fee is offered at $60,000 to our Offspring instead of $70,000. The initial payment of $15,000 is collected at closing. The remaining balance may be paid out over the next four years without any interest.

  • Offspring Membership Without Purchasing a home – For Offspring between the ages of 23-29, the cost for a membership is one-third of the equity dues. For Offspring between the ages of 30-39, the cost will be one-half of the equity dues. Add-ons are available.