Ep. 88 – How to Start as a New Agent

Matthew Maschler:
Welcome to the Real Estate Finder Podcast. I’m Matthew Mashler, real estate broker with the signature Real Estate Finder, part of the signature real estate companies here in the great state of Florida. And, um, you know, a lot of times people come to me, uh, new agents, they join my team, and they get licensed, and they’re ready to make a career in real estate. And they say, okay, Matt, how do I get started? Uh, so I wanted to do today’s episode. I wanted to discuss how to start a career in real estate. And, um, because whenever I have these phone calls with my agents, I, I go, man, I wish I would’ve recorded it. Uh, so for the purposes of the podcast, I’m gonna start a little bit earlier before you get licensed, right. Um, so, uh, welcome to the podcast. Today we’re gonna be discussing how to start a career as a real estate agent.
Uh, real estate is a lucrative and exciting career path that offers endless opportunities for growth and success. There’s really no limit on what you can do and how much you can make and, and what you can, um, build in this industry. But it can be challenging to get started, uh, especially if you have no prior experiences. So, I wanna give, I’m here to give you some tips on how to kickstart your career as a real estate agent. Uh, you know, the first thing I, I, I, I wanna say is, uh, to, you know, think about why, uh, you even want this job, right? What do you want to be a real estate agent? You obviously have to have some interest in real estate, uh, whether it’s an interest that came from, uh, looking for a place for yourself to, to live, right? But something attracted you to the real estate market.
So, you know, it’s always good to do a little bit of research. Uh, you could start by, um, uh, reading books or taking online courses or seminars. Um, there’s some great, uh, real estate clubs, the Boca Raton, uh, real Estate Investment Club, uh, run by David. Uh, Dweck is a great resource, uh, books, uh, like book. I’ve read a lot of books by, uh, Frank McKinney, um, on, uh, on making it big in real estate. So, um, you know, so if you, if you’ve been thinking about, um, making a career in real estate, you’ve probably had some experience buying or selling a house or, uh, you know, someone who’s a real estate investor. Um, so it’s always good to, you know, read a little bit, um, and get yourself, uh, prepared. Um, most, uh, states require real estate agents to do a a licensing course. So, in, in Florida, uh, we had a couple of weeks ago, um, Dell Doyle of the Signature Real Estate Schools, um, who’s been a real estate teacher since 1978.
My good friend Howard Felman, uh, told me that he took Dale’s course in 1989. Um, and, uh, he was happy to, to hear Dale’s name and deal, Dale’s voice once again. So you find yourself a, a teacher or a course I highly recommend Gold’s Gold Coast School of Real Estate. Uh, that’s where I, uh, did my license in Florida. It’s, uh, you have a 63 hour, uh, pre-license course, then the state exam, then a 45 hour post-licensing course. Uh, so once you get your license, you need to choose a brokerage. If you’re in the state of Florida, I highly recommend joining up with me, uh, at the Signature Real Estate Finder. Um, it’s a, a brokerage, um, you know, a lot of people use teams or groups as a name. Uh, signature Real Estate Finder is a brokerage. It’s part of the Signature Real Estate companies.
Um, they’re, it’s, uh, I like to think of it, uh, describe it as, uh, like the shopping mall, right? Um, some of the bigger national firms, they would be your, your Macy’s or your Sears, right? Where everybody has the same name and everybody is in one giant department store, and there’s a thousand salesmen in, in, in Macy’s, um, all under the same name of, of a national brand. Uh, signature, uh, is more like the, the store, the store inside the mall, right? So, signature Real Estate Finder is like, uh, foot Locker. There’s a lot of places in the mall. You could buy sneakers, right? Um, and, uh, maybe next to me, maybe the store next to me is Signature One, and next to that is Signature Paradise. And next to that is Signature Best. There’s a lot of different signature stores under the Signature Real Estate Company’s umbrella.
Uh, so, um, so I highly recommend joining me sign at Signature Real Estate Finder. Uh, but if you don’t ask for me by name, when you call, uh, you’ll just end up at, uh, the regular signature real estate companies, which is fantastic. Uh, you just don’t get to work with me. Um, so you wanna choose your brokerage. When you get your sales associate license, you have to put it with a broker. Um, the, it’s in Florida, and in most states, only the broker can be compensated for real estate sales. So, me as the broker, uh, it’s, it’s my license, the Matthew LERs license at, at Signature Real Estate Finder, and my partner Ben Shachter. Um, so when someone buys or sells, uh, one, one of my agents buys sells, uh, a house. The compensation goes to me or from me, uh, like when we’re the listing agent, uh, and the buyer’s agent receives a, a share of the commission.
It goes from me as broker to the buyer’s agent’s broker, the, uh, associates. The salespeople are our sales force. They represent us, and they market for us, and they, they sell houses. Um, and even if you’re at like a discount broker, it’s still the same, even if you don’t know who your broker is, even if you’ve never met your broker, if you’re a sales associate at one, some anonymous brokerage firm, technically you’re, uh, the sales force for the broker. So you have to join a broker. And in Florida, uh, I highly recommend, uh, me, uh, or the students for real estate companies. We have offices all over the state of Florida. Uh, there’s, there’s voluntary, when you, you know, it’s a state license, and then you have to join the Florida Association of Realtors. Um, you don’t have to, you can get your state license and not be a member of one of these voluntary boards.
Uh, there’s the National Association of Realtors, the Florida Association of Realtors, and then the local association. And technically, when you join the local association, um, then the are sent to Florida Association of Realtors, national Association of Realtors. Um, and then as a member of that club or group, you have access to, uh, different, uh, uh, training and seminars and networking events, and, and, um, you know, they have, uh, affinity groups like for insurance or whatnot. Uh, but the biggest advantage of joining your local Association of Realtors is access to the multiple listing service. So, while you can get your sales license in the state of Florida, you don’t have access to the mls, it’s the multiple listing service, which is our inventory of Homes for sale. Unless you join the local board, uh, at Signature Real Estate Finder, we, I am a member of, uh, realtors World, which is, uh, Broward County po most of Palm Beach, most of Broward County, most of Palm Beach County, uh, and a little bit of, um, uh, Martin County, uh, a little bit of Martin County.
Uh, it doesn’t include St. Lucie County there associated with Miami, but I’m a member of the Miami Association of Realtors. So it does get, uh, St. Lucie County, also the Palm Beach Island. They have their own exclusive mls, which I’m, I’m a member of as well. Uh, NA Bor, the na, the Naples Association, uh, board of Realtors. Uh, so for those people on the West Coast. And then, uh, I’m a member of the Orlando, uh, regional Realtors Association, which gives you access to the stellar mls and, uh, 19 different associations all use Stellar. So, unlike, um, uh, our world, uh, which used to be Beaches, which is the Palm Beach County, and Broward County mls, uh, each association having its own mls, uh, the Stellar MLS is, uh, used by 19 different associations. So, uh, you can be a member of the Tampa or Orlando or 17 other associations, and still use this one giant MLS that covers most of Central Florida.
Um, it doesn’t, the coasts, most of the coasts have their own mls. It’s a way that those, uh, realtors and those local realtors can protect, uh, their industry, uh, from outside people. So, going up the coast, um, from Palm Beach, um, you know, Martin County’s part of our world. St. Lucy’s County is part of Miami, and then everything else has their own, uh, association. There’s the Space Coast, uh, all the way up to, uh, Jacksonville, which Jacksonville’s actually called the Northeast, uh, realtors Association. Um, but stem, uh, so, and then I’m also a member of Heartland. So that’s for our, uh, uh, the, the Lake Placid and Lake June listings that we have, um, is the Heartland mls and the Heartland Association of Realtors. Uh, if I’m not a member of the association, let’s say like Jacksonville or like Pensacola, um, and you wanted to join my team, I will, uh, join the association for you.
Um, because I do, uh, have goals of being statewide, but I do cover 70% of the state right now, uh, between, uh, Stella, mls, na bor, Heartland Palm Beach, uh, our world, and Miami. Um, so you have to join an association. Um, uh, you don’t have to, but you should join the association, uh, that way you could participate in the mls, uh, reasons people wouldn’t join the association. If they’re, um, commercial realtors and they’re not using the mls, or if they’re, um, uh, like developers, or if you have like an apartment building, uh, and you need your sales license, but you don’t necessarily need the mls, then you do not have to join, uh, the boards. Um, okay, so now that you’re licensed and you’ve chosen your brokerage, hopefully it was signature, but any, any, anyone else, um, you’re ready to go. All right. You got your license, you’ve got your board, you got MLS access, you are ready to go as a real estate agent.
Uh, but what do you do? Uh, well, besides all the training that we do, offer our new agents at this point, uh, at signature on how to use the mls. Well, MLS is taught by the, by the board on, on how to write contracts and how to use our customer relationship management, uh, software here at Signature. Um, this is what I tell people, uh, it is your job to find someone who wants to buy or sell real estate. Okay? Did you hear that? As a real estate agent, it is your job to find someone who wants to buy or sell real estate. Everything else I can teach you, everything else I can help you with, or your broker can help you with, or some other partner can help you with. Um, but your job is to buy or sell real, to find people who want to buy or sell real estate.
Uh, nine times out of 10, when a, when an agent leaves one company to go to another company, it’s for the promise of leads, leads, leads, leads. This place has leads. Lemme tell you something, if they had leads, they’d be selling, they selling real estate, and they wouldn’t be recruiting you. Um, there may be a few firms that have leads, but there are more leads. There’s probably 10 times more leads given out than there are actual, um, uh, closings, uh, houses that have closed. And remember when a house closes, there’s two sides to it. A listing agent and a buyer’s side. Uh, so that, that’s two parties there. Um, and there’s at least 10 times multiple of the number of leads that exist that get bought, sold, and traded. Um, so, you know, any leads that someone’s gonna offer you. I mean, let, let’s face it, right?
Why would I give you a lead, right? It’s because I don’t want it for some reason. Um, so that’s not why you join a firm, and that’s not how you’re gonna make money. You need to find your own leads. You need to build your own network. It is your job as a real estate agent to find someone who wants to buy or sell real estate. That’s what you should be doing all day long. People do all this training and training’s great, but at some point, you have to find someone who wants to buy or sell real estate, right? And, and stop going to the club and stop going to the, uh, training and stop going to the meetings and the parties and stuff. Um, you wanna start by reaching out to your friends and family members and let them know that this is what you’re doing.
Now, um, I have a friend in another state who several years ago, got their real estate license. Um, it’s a friend from high school, and, you know, we, we stay friendly and, and we’re on Facebook. And, uh, I never see them post on Facebook about real estate, a new listing, a closing, a, an open house, nothing. Now, there are those real estate agents that post all the time, and I, I’m sure it’s, frankly, it’s annoying, right? You don’t wanna be friends with someone who, um, all they do is talk about work, work, work, work, work. Uh, but you need to, you need to sprinkle it in. Um, you know, at the beginning of Twitter, uh, I used to say to people like, you can’t just always be tweeting work stuff, right? So I really think that the first thing you do is go on Facebook and say, Hey, everybody, I just wanted to let you know I got my Florida real estate license.
I just signed up with whatever firm said, it’s a real estate fund, or whatever, whatever firm. I’m really excited. If you, if you need to buy or sell a house, please contact me for consultation. Or if you’re thinking about it, or if you know anyone that’s looking to buy or sell a house, I would appreciate all those referrals. You have to put that on your Facebook and your Twitter and your Instagram. You, you have to, the, you have to start somewhere. And after doing all the work to get licensed and all the work to get trained, you, you have to take that step. I, I call that the first step, even though you’ve done a hundred hours already. Um, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And that is the first step in your marketing to tell the world and tell your friends your sphere of influence, that this is what you’re doing.
A lot of people look at me and say, Hey, man, you, you spent so much money. You, you’re in magazines, you’re in this, you’re in that. And, and the reason I I, I do all of that is cuz I’m sick and tired. I was sick and tired of people telling me, oh, I didn’t know you sold real estate. I didn’t know you were a real estate agent. Um, uh, because I did come from another career, as most real estate agents do come from another career. So people kept thinking of something I was doing 15 years ago. So I had to, um, change that. I needed to change my sphere of influence’s way of thinking about me. Uh, unfortunately, I did such a good job with that. Everybody thinks I’m only high-end, or I’m only multimillion dollar properties. Oh, I would, Hey, Matt, I would’ve called you, but the house was only 600,000.
Only 600,000. That’s a lot of money, right? I mean, that’s more than the average house in America costs, right? You’re doing very well. If you’re buying a $600,000 house. And, and we’re friends. I’ve known you for a long time, I love you. Why would you think I wouldn’t help you? You know, I listed a $35,000 condo in Boca West, um, and it’s my job. I sell real estate. And I’m not one of those people who only sell in my building or my neighborhood because I’m a relationship person. So I want to help you. If you’re listening to this show, don’t think I don’t want to help you, right? I have, yes, I have billionaire customers, right, who wanna buy and sell multi-million dollar properties, but don’t they have in-laws that might be in $175,000 condo and need to sell it or need to buy it.
So when, when my billionaire customer says, Hey, Matt, I need a place to rent for a year. Or I’m gonna say, no, I don’t do rentals. No. I put ’em in a rental. And then when I see the penthouse of that building, uh, hit the market, I say, Hey, do you want to, uh, do you want to go take a a look and you know it? And hey, do you want us to take a look? It’s not because I’m trying to sell them that million dollar penthouse, and it’s not because I’m trying to make a commission on that million dollar penthouse. It’s because I’m trying to remind them that I exist and that I’m in the market and that I’m watching things. Any lead you have, even if it’s two years old, text them right now and say, Hey, I was just thinking of you.
Hey, I was at this open house and I thought maybe you’d like this house. Hey, this house just hit the market. What do you think of it? You need to constantly remind your sphere of influence that you’re out there working as a real estate agent. And then going back to my friend from high school, I had a referral for this person. Um, and I didn’t know, I remembered years ago that they got their license, but I didn’t know if they were actually working it or doing something else. There’s plenty of people that, uh, get their license and don’t do anything with it. And I scanned their Facebook for three years and didn’t see one mention of, of real estate. So don’t be spammy and constantly sell, sell, sell on your Facebook. Um, you know, I like to say like something about your family and a joke and something about real estate and something about real estate could be any listing in your office.
Because remember before when I said that, it’s the broker who’s, who pays the commissions. It’s the broker who’s listings there, they, who’s the broker who owns the listing. So if I have 15 agents under me, those are my listings. And any one of my 15 agents can, can go onto, you know, Facebook or Instagram and say, Hey, just listed. It doesn’t have to be just listed by me, we just listed my office, just listed, my company just listed. We just listed this five bedroom, three bath, three bathroom house. If anybody’s interested, please come take a look. So, um, you want to, whether it, even if it’s not every post, every third post, every fifth post, uh, a new listing, a new buyer that you’re working with successfully, a new closing. And if, and if you don’t have a listing and you don’t have a buyer, go to an open house.
Just attended this wonderful open house in x, y, Z community. I was very impressed with it. If anyone’s looking for a four bedroom at this price point, please let me know. I’d love to show it to you. And that tells the world that you are in real estate. It is worth gold because the only other way of getting leads is to buy them. And you can use these services and websites and that sell you leads. But let me tell you something. Every lead they sell you, if you can convert one out of 10 of them, so you, and you break even, right? The commission that you earned from that one lead paid for this, your, your contract for your lead generation, well, that might even be a success, but it’s a little bit of a waste of time cause you didn’t make money. So, um, so you wanna go on your social media and announce that you’re in real estate and then you wanna periodically update your social media and in the about you section of your social media, in your bio, put the name of your real estate company.
I can’t tell you how many real estate agents and you know me. I’m a, I’m into wrestling. I got Bo Raton wrestling. And, uh, so a wrestler reaches out to me, um, because they want, um, to be on my show. So I check them out on, on their Facebook profile or, or their Instagram, and I don’t see booking information, right? And I can show that, you know, their tag team partner has booking information, um, a link to their pro wrestling t-shirt store. You just have a, a sponsorship link to some, some supplement company. I mean, put your booking information, okay, realtor, we’re going back to real estate realtors. Put the name of the real estate company that you work for on your Facebook, put your contact information there, right? I can’t tell you how many times I, I don’t see contact information. So I use Facebook Messenger and then a week later, oh, I don’t check my messenger.
Yeah, you don’t check your messenger, but you also don’t put your contact information in your profile. So I can only use Messenger. So, um, so make sure your profile looks professional. I mean, I can’t tell you, I I, I talked to someone and, and I’ve known this one guy for years and just found out that they were a realtor, but their profile picture is them at a rocket concert or eating a sandwich. And it’s a fantastic looking sandwich. But your profile picture, if you wanna be a real estate agent, can’t be you chown down on a giant Turkey leg at Epcott Center, right? You make a professional profile on your social media, you can still post those pictures of your sandwiches or of your Turkey legs or of you at a rock concert. Great, right? Because people want to get to know you. So have a professional, uh, picture and bio in your social media with contact information still post your, your vacations, your trips, your trips to the beach, your pictures of your kids.
Sprinkle in an article about real estate. Sprinkle in, um, a listing, an open house or, or buyer or something. Okay? So that’s, uh, your first step, and that’s social media. Second step, you get your, um, your, uh, crm, uh, whether at signature, we have a total bro, we use total brokerage. Uh, you could use Constant Contact. It’s not a full crm, but it’s good for, uh, creating emails. Uh, last year my, my 2022 New Year’s resolution was to do a monthly email newsletter. Because I’ve said this story so many times that I’m like, you know, you know, and I, I hate, not that I hate, I understand why they do it, but I can’t be that realtor that sends out for every holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day, happy Mother’s Day. Happy Labor Day turn. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back. Don’t forget to turn off your smoke, smoke alums, because I go through my email inbox and I have to delete so many of those emails that I just, I can’t bring it to me to send for every holiday right?
Now. The reason you’re doing it is cuz you’re trying to tell your sphere of influence that you’re a realtor, that you’re working in this, you’re trying to stay top of, stay top of mind. So I love it. And that’s what I’m, and I’m suggesting that you actually do it right as a new realtor. Get every email address in your inbox and dump it into your crm, whether it’s Constant Contact or total brokerage or, or whatever CRM you’re using. Uh, rapid Action CRM is a good one, I think. Um, um, get every email address in that you can, right? Just from, you know, all your friends and family, everyone from high school, college, every email address, you can, if someone ccs you, um, and ccs like 20 people in your, in your, in your son’s football team, grab all those email addresses. Um, so in your first day or your first week of being a real estate agent, build that email list.
And then every email that you find, keep adding it to that list. And then you wanna send out your first email, just like I said, that first social media post, send out that first email that says, hi everybody. I just want to announce that I, um, you know, got my Florida real estate license, I joined Signature Real Estate Finder, and I’m open to, uh, working with you. If you were thinking of buying or selling a house, or if you know someone thinking of buying a house, please give me a call, right? And send that email out to your entire list. If you can steal your, your neighborhood list or something like that, just put it out in there. And then you want to hit that list once in a while, right? Whether it’s once a month or once a quarter, every once in a while, because you can do all this, but then you want to be, it’s called top of the Mind.
Um, you know, it’s the reason why like Home Depot put like mattresses in because you know every, anything you can need for your home, well, you need mattresses. It was a hardware store. It wasn’t meant to sell mattresses, but if it’s everything you need for your home, they don’t want you to go somewhere else. And then, then they put in appliances and things like that because they wanna be top of the mind. They don’t wanna lose their, their customer for somewhere else. So, so, um, it’s one thing to know that you’re a real estate agent, but then three years from now, when that person in your sphere of influence needs a real estate agent, you know, how great is it with that comes into your inbox, right when they needed it. Hey, we’re thinking about selling our house. You know, you and your wife talk about selling your, or your partner talk about selling your house.
And then boom, there’s an email from you. Hey, thinking about selling your house. And, um, and put in some con the reason I did the newsletter is cause I wanted to put in content. Sometimes I do promotions like, um, when I’ve done, uh, you know, the free trip to Florida promotion, I like that one. I should do it again. Um, but I did the, the newsletter just so that way I can constantly send out to my sphere of influence and, and, and it also humanizes me and my agents and that they, they can see, um, there’s, there’s interesting news and interesting questions and I I just think it’s a little bit different. Um, but, but in the, in the, in the, even if all you do is the happy holidays and change your clock back twice a year, um, at least you’re getting it out there.
Um, so, uh, that’s what you need to do to build your network. Um, your sphere of influence is made up of the people in your life who know you and they trust you, such as your friends, families, neighbors and colleagues. These people are familiar with you and your character making them more likely to refer you to others, right? So you really, really, really want to nurture your sphere of influence. You wanna keep in touch with them. Make sure to keep in touch with the people in your sphere of influence on a regular base basis. You can send them the monthly newsletter like I do. You could do events, like, I’m always doing events. And look, one of the reasons I do the charitable events, it’s not for, because I’m so interested in helping, I mean, interested in helping is why I chose the charity that I choose to support, right?
But why do I do, uh, a, a a a happy hour to raise money for, um, caring House, which builds houses in Haiti, right? I chose that charity build houses in Haiti because, because I’m making my money in real estate from the richest people in the world. And I’m not talking about the richest people in Florida, right? Even that $55,000 condo, if you live in Boca Raton at any price point, you are among the richest people in the world. Maybe not the richest people in Boca, maybe not the richest people in Florida, but you’re among the richest people in the world because, you know, outside this country, it’s not, it’s not as good as we have it. So in, in, in, in making my money on real estate here, I wanna give back in housing in, in Haiti. But so that’s why I chose that charity.
But when I do an event to raise money for that charity, I’m trying to get my name out there, I’m trying to get support, I’m trying to network with people. There’s an insurance salesman that keeps trying to meet up with me. Hey, are you free for lunch Wednesday? No, but join me at my networking event on Thursday, right? So I’m trying to meet up with people, see people increase my sphere of influence, uh, help do good, but also get out there and meet the people that want to buy or sell real estate. All right? By staying in touch, you’ll say top of mind, which will increase the likelihood that they’ll buy from you or refer you to others. You wanna be helpful whenever someone in your sphere of influence is looking to buy or sell property or for your assistance. And, and also that’s another reason why I built my vendor list, right?
Because you need to know your, your movers and your mortgage brokers and your, uh, guy that can hang a TV on a wall. Shout out to Josh Kugler, right? You know, if you’re a good real estate agent, you know a guy that can hang a TV on a wall. So you have to be able to refer to these people and you wanna be helpful. So I’m going to refer Josh Kugler to hang a, you know, to hang people’s TVs even if someone’s not my real estate client, because I want to seem helpful, right? And it also, Josh appreciates it. So even if they don’t end up working with you, they’ll appreciate your help and they may refer others to you if, when they’re looking for a real estate agent, right? You do wanna be authentic, right? You don’t wanna lie, you don’t wanna, you know, don’t act like me, right?
If you’re not me, right? Your, your sphere of influence knows you very well. So make sure to be authentic in your interactions with them. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, because it can come across as insincere, it can turn people off. Um, we, we’ve discussed pandering in, in other episodes, right? Um, okay, so be authentic and you wanna offer value to your sphere of influence. And that’s why you see so many real estate agents, um, doing Facebook groups. Like got a guy in Palm Beach County or got a guy in Boca, right? I, I have my, got a guy in Boca site and if anybody asks for a, a vendor in Boca, I can respond cuz I’m offering value, um, information or influence that they can’t get anywhere else. You know, I, I’ve, I’ve referred people to, um, GL homes, uh, and I know people at GL homes and, you know, there are, you know, anti-development people that see, you know, builders as, as the enemy, but as a real estate agent, I wanna work with builders cause I wanna sell their properties and I want to be able to, um, have someone on the inside, uh, to get good information.
So, um, so that’s the part, uh, that I’ve repeated over and over and over. Get to my new agents, take the social media, build your email list, work your sphere of influence, uh, start, reach, reach out to your friends and family members. Let them know that you’re a licensed agent. Attend networking events and build other relationships with industry professionals and then keep going and periodically, because again, how could I really refer to that person who I know a couple years ago she got her real estate license. I don’t know if she’s doing it anymore, right? Um, whereas there’s other people that, you know, that that, that I’ve contacted with other people. I, I’ve, I’ve known over my, over my life that I didn’t know them as real estate agents, but now that they’re real estate agents, they, they put on Facebook. I mean, look, I do since real estate founder, I do awards at the end of the year and I try to give everybody an award, right?
Why do I give everybody an award? Not because it’s like everybody gets a trophy, but I want them to be able to go to their social media and announce right that way for their benefit. That way their friends and family know that they’re a good real estate agent. Also, it’s good branding for me. Oh wow. My friend Brenda got the, uh, spirit Award at Signature Real Estate Finder. You know what? My broker didn’t give anyone a spirit award. I’ve never gotten an award. Maybe I’ll talk to Matt and see what it takes, uh, to join his team and possibly one day I can win the Spirit Award too. All right? So you do need to develop a marketing plan, uh, that’s a little bit past, um, more advanced of what I said about your social, um, sphere of influence. Um, you know, there’s traditional print and, and mailing, uh, but then there’s modern social media and websites and business cards and flyers and brochures and stuff like that.
Um, so if you are, that’s a little bit more customized advice than the general advice. So if you, uh, uh, if, if you’re one of, if you’re my friend or one of my agents and you wanna talk to me about your your marketing plan, I’d love to have a conversation with you. If you just have a question about it, email me, Matt, at Real Estate Finder. I’ll, I’ll try to answer it on, uh, one of these episodes. And then the last thing I would say about, um, starting your career as a real estate agent is stay up to date. The real estate industry is constantly evolving. Um, we go from sellers markets to buyer’s markets, high mortgage rates to low mortgage rates. So it’s crucial to stay up to date with current trends in technologies. And I think that’s one of the biggest benefits of, uh, being at Signature.
We do our Monday morning meetings, just a few of a short 10, 15 minute meeting, uh, to go over some real highlights of what’s going on in our company and in our industry. And then we do our, our Wednesday morning, uh, coaching where we talk for over an hour about, uh, what’s going on in our industry and and to my real estate agents. If and and other signature real estate agents that, that might be listening to this, please come to the, the Wednesday morning coaching. It’s vital. I learn from it every week and I think I’m the best at what I do. And if I’m spending my time there trying to learn, I can’t imagine how you are not doing it. Um, so in conclusion, starting a career as a real estate agent requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. But by following these tips and by listening to me on this podcast, you’ll be on your way to building a successful and rewarding career in the real estate industry. Thanks for joining me on the Real Estate Finder podcast. We hope to see you again soon.
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