Ep. 69 – What’s Missing in the MLS With REF Expert Jill Glanzer

Staci Garcia:
Welcome to the Real Estate Finder podcast with not Matthew Maschler today cuz he is doing his other thing. He’s doing wrestling like it’s his job. So today we’re gonna talk about real estate and it’s Jill. Hi, it’s Jill Glanzer with Real Estate Finder and me Stacey Garcia. So, um, Jill, I had this whole list of things I wanted to talk about and I brought it with me, but I never know if it’s like the thing I feel like talking about when I write, when I went, like when I wrote it, I wanted to talk about when I, I see it, I’m like, yeah, it’s not that interesting, but I’m gonna talk, I’m gonna mention it and then we can talk about whatever happens. Um, so I have an investor client and he is looking for always a handyman special or something that needs to be, um, completely redone.
Um, there’s two options in the MLS to search under for that. A lot of people don’t fill them out. And this is a whole side tangent. A lot of people massacre an MLS listing. So when you go to look for something and it’s searchable, the search doesn’t come up with what you’re looking for because they didn’t fill it out properly. So that’s like the most nicest way for me to say people suck at putting in MLS listing. And I’m very particular with everything I put in cuz I want it to show up everywhere and so forth. I can’t stand, you know, spelling errors is the top of the thing, but when it comes to the pictures are upside down and then, and then it goes further to, um, they don’t click, you know, what floor it’s on or um, if it’s on the beach, if it faces east, if it faces west, if it’s a handyman, they don’t click it.
And that’s what I’m looking for. So on the mls there are certain, um, options that aren’t there and I was, that’s what I was talking to myself about. And then I mentioned I’m gonna send you guys a list of things I look for that are not options on the mls and I wish they were, and if anyone’s listening that has any seniority that can make them into an option on the MLS so that you can click the box. If it falls into this category, then people who are um, searching for what you’re looking for can find it easier. And that’s basically what this whole thing is about. So one, my first one was a handyman. A lot of people it’s on there as one of the options and a lot of people don’t click it. Um, there’s another one similar to handyman, like a tear down mm-hmm. <affirmative>.
And a lot of people don’t click it. Is it called Tear Down? It might be called Tear Down. I don’t remember that. But that’s, that would be a great one. It’s, I think it’s either land or land use. Oh, okay. Gotcha. Um, but what I did want to look for is something that I have to look for manually. No, there’s a lot of buildings, and we mentioned this, um, in a podcast previously that do not allow anyone who’s an investor, no corporate ownership. So anyone who’s an investor who plans on in the future renting, um, or just wants to own it under their, um, investor company or their corporate, you know, um, or their, through a business. They can’t because the rule is no investors, but it’s not an option to go through the, um, and there is a no corporate ownership, but there is not any specifics until you get to other restrictions with our, uh, like you have to wait one year before renting mm-hmm. <affirmative>.
So people don’t actually fill this stuff out because they think, oh, let the buyer find out all this information. Buyers due diligence, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> let the buyer do it. But sometimes it’s more difficult to find out because these days, um, and what’s happened to me is my buyers need to look through a portal and the only portal that there is is the residents who live there. The seller needs to go into their portal and tell the buyer, here’s the rules. So we’re kind of getting them secondhand. It’s not like the olden days where they had a piece of paper, here’s all the paper, here’s 150 papers you have to buy mm-hmm. <affirmative> and here are all the rules. And they would say no corporate ownership or no rental in the first year. And now all of the um, HOAs are coming to the city or creating rules that say no, um, rentals the first year or two because they don’t want people to come in and just start renting some of the bus.
The, uh, places that I’ve seen that have shown they have no rentals at all cuz they want everyone in the building to live there full-time. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> or not have anyone renting there. And that’s a lot on the beach, right? Yep. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And I think it’s great for certain places because then it’s, it’s like going to camp, the same people are there every day. Yeah. You know, it’s not like you hear from people every week, you know, it’s not transient. Right. Right. Um, one of them was, let’s see, one of them was, uh, no motorcycles a long time ago. When I first started, uh, the first thing I looked for was motorcycles. Cuz my clients wanted to know if they could have a motorcycle and no one ever fills it out. Um, there’s no, uh, work vehicles. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, no commercial vehicles, there’s no trucks. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there’s no RVs and there’s no boats.
These are all options. You can click on restrictions, you know, in parking, no street parking, stuff like that. But initially there was no click for no motorcycles. There’s a lot more things too. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like I remember we were talking about, um, golf carts. You can have a golf cart in a community, but it can’t be your golf cart has to be their golf cart. Right. Right. So, uh, instead of being a, like a sleuth or private detective, I would like it to be in the MLS so I can just look and right away before I have to go searching through other people’s, um, websites, find out right away, you know what, there’s no no, no, they can’t have a motorcycle here. You know, um, so let’s just move on. It would be so helpful. But the problem is even if the checkbox was there, the question is, are people going to be complete A, are they even gonna know the information to check it or not?
B, are they going to check it even if they know it? So it’s kind of like these layers mm-hmm. <affirmative> of, you know, to me pride in your job. Absolutely. Because if you’re a realtor, you have to have pride that like, I know I found out this information, I sought this information from the hoa, I understand it, I digested it, but then I also am conveying it to others. Right. And so many people do not do that. So I was having this exact conversation yesterday with my client who’s listening to places that they’re coming up this week. And as cuz he was on a show, cause Steve Crip, uh, as a kind of like a, on a whim, he went on chat ai, which is a, um, a uh, an app or whatever mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And he asked chat AI if they would make a listing for his house.
And he gave the house the address and then chat AI created the listing. Wow. Um, the listing description mm-hmm. <affirmative> and it sounded wonderful. I hadn’t really, yeah. I hadn’t written the description yet. Is that the same app that also writes kids papers in college? Yes. Yes. I heard about that. I even asked my son, I’m like, do you know about chat ai? And he’s like, of course they, they know about everything. I said, have you used it? He goes, yeah, of course. I’m like, for something for school. He is like, no, <laugh>. So what, so, so like if you’re a realtor and you don’t know how to write copy and I happen to love this part of my job. Yeah. You know, I look at the pictures, I get inspired same. And then I write it. Yeah. And no matter how bad the house is or how great the house is, I could kind of do it equally mm-hmm. <affirmative>
Cuz it’s just something I love doing. Same. So Cat is chat ai, like what do you input into chat ai? So what it does you say does, it takes everything from your, either previous history or whatever you put in, I’m, as I’m assuming it’s, it gleans all your previous history and it creates the listing. So Steve was reading his listing to me and it was really well written. It was like, welcome to your next home though. You know, like, like somebody wrote it. Yeah. And then, but the, uh, the square footage was off the room, the number of rooms was off, the number of, um, bathrooms was off. Where is it getting its information on? And he gave it, he gave you the address and it may, it could haved it, found it on Zillow, maybe an old listing somewhere mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And then they, it sort of like created this algorithm and then created the words.
Right? Yeah. So he, he told me like, your job is limited. You’re not gonna be here very long. You know, which people, every, every job is limited. Right. People told me that when Zillow started buying houses, you know, they were like, you’re people are just gonna sell their houses to Zillow and they don’t have to use you. I’m like, okay. That lasted whole minute, you know? Yeah. So, um, he was reading and listening to me and I, I was entertained. I was like, maybe I should take notes. Can you text this to me? You know, because that was a good description, you know? Yeah. I, I know what I write already and it’s already good, but maybe I’m a little burn. I need some new, you know. Yeah. But he said, if you’re too busy to do your job, this is great. Ask chat ai what little things should be for whatever the address is and it’ll create the listening for you.
Then just tweak whatever’s wrong. Yeah. And then put it in. I said, well, the only good thing about it is that, well, there’s a lot of good things about it, but one of the good things about it for me would be there wouldn’t be any spelling errors, hopefully. Sure. Because everybody in the, that puts stuff into the MLS spells everything wrong and they could use Grammarly or 12 other apps to make sure that they’re not, but they don’t. So, and I and I sometimes get the, um, every, every once in a while, you know, the typo, but these are not typos when people put in the denning room with two Ns. Yeah. Whether it’s in a quiet location and it’s Q U I T E. Okay. So there’s like a hundred of those I always see and, and it, and it makes me like think, uh, I have to work with that person if the person that I represent chooses that, um, property that the, that that person’s representing.
If they can’t even write the listing, what else can’t they do? Good point. So, um, so, and I try not to be a super grammar, um, crazy person, even though I am, but I try to like relax it down a little bit and know that, and not everybody is me. Yeah. And I’m awesome. Yeah. But, um, maybe they need some help. I think that, like Matthew sent me a, an email that they’re gonna do a, a class over chat AI for real estate. I did see that. And if it’s gonna work, then hopefully people will be spelling them the listing better, you know? Yeah. As long as they fix the other things. But the other things is what we’re here to talk about, the things that people don’t put in the listing. And one another one is, so short term rentals. Short term rentals are ob obviously a hot topic because in Boca where we’re at, they’re not allowed, they’re not allowed in the city of Boca.
So, um, a rental has to be six months and one day, and that’s the whole city. And so, um, so then I was thinking if short-term rentals was a box that you could check, then um, there should be more that you should check under that box. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> more options. True. Because you can check that a house can be rented how many times a year for how many days. Right? Right. But you can check that. It could be short-term rental, but you can’t then further like add more boxes mm-hmm. <affirmative>, what’s the short term rental? Is it 30 days? Is it one day? You know what I mean? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, well, there is minimum days for lease in there. Yeah. But it could, like for me, a range. Right. Once you hit 3, 180, you know what I mean? Like, they, um, give you an option, but then there’s no more options.
Correct. And then you have to, you have to check the text or go into broker’s remarks to find out more or call the agent. Right. So, um, these are like my own personal pet peeves about the mls when someone asks me to search for them. They think it’s an easy search. It’s, it’s not. Mm-hmm. And there’s a lot of things you can’t search for. Like, I had one lady for a seasonal rental, she wanted to know that in the master that there’s a king size bed. There’s no way to search for that <laugh>. It sounds crazy, but for a short term furnish rental, it’s actually not that weird. Right Ma? It’s like, um, you can’t say master anymore. Right. Primary so’s it’s primary or owner suite. Right. Owner suite is is one that I like owner’s suite bed, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> king, queen double or Twin, I wanna know.
Right. And, and I understand why you’d wanna know. So now I can send her things, but then she’s gotta look at the bed and then you can’t tell by looking at the pictures. Right. You have to call the agent and ask them and they don’t even know. And sometimes when I look at a bed, I don’t know if, if it’s king or queen mm-hmm. <affirmative> or Double King or whatever. So it’s, these are things that would make our job so much easier and would make us better at our jobs. Yeah. I definitely, um, I have an aversion towards talking to people on, on the phone mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So as soon as it requires me to call them to ask them a question, I don’t Okay. I just text. Yeah. I press the contact of an text the agent, and then I ask them the question. And also if they can’t get back to me, then I don’t really wanna deal with them anyway.
Yeah. If they’re not going to respond, I have a certain, it’s like dating. I have a certain amount of time you need to reply. Otherwise, how’s our transaction gonna go? I’m gonna text you or I’m gonna talk to you, you’re never gonna call me back. Right. And I’ve been ghosted by so many agents that I’m actually working with. Yeah. And I end up doing both sides of the deal myself. I know. So going forward, not that I’m picking and choosing the properties that I’m showing my clients based on the fact that how quickly can the other person reply. But if they reply right away, I’m like, Hey, let’s go. Yeah. You know, this is a person who’s responsive, they wanna sell the property or they wanna buy it. Um, I wanna know, you know, right away, they’re the person I wanna work with first. Yeah.
I’m not, I’m not in the fast lane all the time, but when I am in the fast lane, I need the other person to be in the fast lane with me. Right. Definitely. Definitely. So, um, so that was one of my pet peeves. I, I spend a lot of time sitting, um, describing the pictures, making sure that the right pictures, making sure that when you, well here’s one, making sure that when you walk in the house, the order of the MLS pictures is the order in which you see when you walk in the house. So that when you walk in the house, the first picture is not the backyard or a bathroom, you know, or something like that. So I spend, it’s so easy to put them in the right order mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I sit there and I, and I imagine myself walking through the house and I put ’em in the right and then I go as a, as a buyer’s agent, I go through and look for property and I’m like, who, who did this?
It’s like they did it while they’re driving on the freeway. Yes. You know what I mean? They did it while on 95 they uploaded the pictures to MLS and moved them around. That’s so scary. It’s so true though. So, I mean, there’s a lot of other things that make me, um, nervous about working with the other agent, obviously. Yeah. Um, and I, and I always think about it cuz my client, one of my clients told me, I think that you should dress up more. I’m selling a $2 million property. And I was like, well, I see what you’re saying. But the people that are coming here, they’re not dressed up to see your property mm-hmm. <affirmative> and they don’t wanna dress up to see your property. And if they did dress up to see your property, we’d be expecting them to pay this price. Right. Right. So they wanna, they don’t wanna come in all decked out.
They’re understated <laugh>. Right. And I believe that there was, um, a client who came in to when, when I was showing the oaks years ago with um, like stilettos on and had to put the booties on over her shoes. <laugh> they poked right through. Like, take your stilettos off ladies. No, she did not wanna take those off. And she didn’t get a pedicure. That’s why when she had to go up the stairs, I was afraid she’s gonna slide right down. Oh God. That’s scary. But I also think it’s the same thing when you go to a car dealership, do you wanna walk in there with all this jewelry and you know, and you want, you wanna be the big spender. You don’t really wanna be the big spender cuz you wanna get a good deal in the car. Right. Yeah. I mean, that’s my opinion. But if they see that you have all this money, they say, Hey, this is the price, you gotta pay it.
Do you think rich people have separate closets for like the clothes they wear when they go to make deals? <laugh> for the deal closet. Like I’m not wearing my, um, air Jordans today. Right. But I’ll wear my hot bottoms from Kmart, <laugh> from Walmart. Remember them? They called them hot bottoms. Yeah. Uhhuh <affirmative>. So like, there’s a separate closet for that. <laugh>. There’s a, the house that I’m selling now, and it’s coming soon, the closet is bigger than my master bedroom, my primary bedroom, my owner’s suite bedroom. Yes. Okay. And it’s bigger than all the bedrooms that I’ve ever had ever, you know, in any of the houses I’ve ever lived in. And it’s just the closet <laugh>. It also has two windows and a desk. Wow. I know. And, um, and it’s the closet. So when I asked my seller, don’t you consider this a bedroom? And he said, no, it’s, it’s my parents’ closet.
And I said, I know it’s your parents’ closet, I get it. But this is the full size of huge bedroom. And he’s like, well there’s no closet in it. <laugh>. <laugh>. So not only do I feel obligated to fill it up with clothes and shoes, but I also feel obligated to work in it. Right. There’s into a job. Well I, the desk is in there to sit while you’re getting dressed and decide what you feel like wearing. Why you’re contemplating Uhhuh <affirmative>. I mean, I’ve been in many big closets in St. Andrews where there’s a sitting area and you look out the window and you Yes. Rest. I know that lounge. Right. And you rest for a little while. Yeah. When you wanna sit. Oh, getting a little tired. I think I’ll sit, take a rest. It’s so exhausting. Yep. But figuring out what I’m wearing, this room was bigger than most of the rooms in the house.
So when listing it, I called it a bedroom. And he said, oh, this was our conversation. Can you call it a bedroom? If you have to walk through the mask, the owner’s bedroom to get to it? And I was like, Hmm. I’m gonna say yes, it has two windows. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it has to have a window, a closet, A reasonable exit. Right. A closet. And even if it doesn’t have a door, it has to have a place where you could put a door. Okay, well that is the definition of a bedroom. Now we ask the mls. Okay. So it has a double, like a double door. It’s okay. It’s a, it’s a double door. Nine foot tall doors. They’re beautiful. You open them up. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And inside is this humongous room, high ceilings and everything. But what it, what is missing is a closet within, cuz it is a closet.
Exactly. But because you know, that is a great question for mls. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I could call that lady, if you walk into a bedroom and there’s another bedroom in it, can you call that second bedroom? Right. I feel like it’s like those Russian dolls. A little bedroom inside of a little bedroom side of a little bedroom. <laugh>. Exactly. Like, I wonder if you can call that a bedroom. That a great question. This is, we had this conversation like two days ago. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, because I went to the house on my own, walked around, I added up all and without looking at, um, the Broward County, uh, properties Association, I properties, appraiser. I looked at everything and I came up with seven bedrooms, four bathrooms. And then, I mean, I didn’t write the listing yet, but then when I went to speak to the seller’s son, he said, where did you get that number from?
It’s technically it’s a 44. Wow. I said, there’s no way. It’s a 4 0 4. What about the office? He’s like, well that’s just the office. I said, the office inside the office has a full bathroom. You mean the office inside the closet? Inside the bedroom? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. The office is, isn’t that No way. The office that’s inside the master, the primary owner’s suite, they’re used as a gym library if there is one. It’s just a little bit smaller than the clo Well it’s a lot smaller than the closet, but it’s a little bit smaller than most rooms. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So you walk in the master. Okay, well actually you walk into the master’s or the owner’s wing mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you go into the wing and the first room you see is the office. Okay. So that does come first. I’ve seen that the office and it has its own ma uh, full bathroom.
Yes. Then you get to the next double doors. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and it’s the owner’s suite. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you go in the owner’s suite and there’s an a room off to the side and it has doors that go outside and at closet, I called it a room. It’s bigger than the room we’re in right now. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And they said it was more like a workout room, like a yoga place? No, some meditation suite but Or library. Or a nursery. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, either way that’s all a room. Yeah. And then, and it had double doors to go in there as well. Then you keep walking down the next room, double doors is the closet. Okay. Which is enormous. And then the next, it’s in a hallway off the master suite. Right. Is uh, like a linen closet. Then you get to the bathroom. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, which is really two of everything.
And then it’s a one of, one part of it’s a cabana that goes out to the pool. So all of those things you had to go through the original owner’s suite to get to except the office. So it is the owner’s suite. All of those things comprise the owner suite. Would you say that? Yes. I guess how big is this house? Like 7,000 square feet. It’s 5,000 square feet. Okay. So to me I would describe that as the owner suite features a office closet, meditation room and blank. I would put that all into one thing. Right. I don’t know if I would make that other thing a bedroom, even though technically it is. Right. Well I thought a great nursery. Yeah. For a baby. For a newborn baby. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> it would be perfect. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Right. Well there is, and then on the other side of the whole house is a children’s wing.
Okay. It’s a three two. So the children’s wing is two bedrooms? No, it’s three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Three bedrooms and two baths on the, in the children’s area. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yep. This sounds like that other house where there’s a lounge chair in the master closet. That was years ago though. So it’s not the same house. No. Yeah. This is an original owner house and everything’s custom. And the most important thing they had to tell me was that in every closet, in every room, no matter what the room was, there’s an air conditioned vent. Wow. So in the closet? Yeah. In the little meditation room. Now is this a house you were showing to a buyer? Or is this a new listing that you’re having? It’s a new listing. Oh, this is your new listing coming up. Yeah. Which is fascinating cuz you know, why would you put an air conditioned vent in a closet?
Even the kind of closets that you open that are 60 by 80, you know, regular closet for clothes. Yeah. So that your clothes don’t get musty. That makes sense. In Florida, Uhhuh <affirmative>. Right. And you’re always comfortable whatever room you go to. Cuz I tend to get really hot. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So like it would be nice to have an air conditioning vent in every room. Well, it’s in every room, but it’s also in every closet too. That’s pretty cool. So, I mean, even a food closet, even a pantry has an air conditioning vent. There’s a food closet. <laugh>. There’s a, there’s a, there’s three pantries. No, I know. Food closet is a pantry, but I just imagine like me sitting in a closet eating <laugh>. There is a room for a chair in the, there’s three closets. Wow. Three pantries. Um, and one of them, they don’t call a food closet because it’s for paper products.
Yeah. But, and also one thing that you don’t see often, I mean, and it, okay, so there are options as you’re clicking on the mls, but you have a limited amount of, uh, options that you’re allowed to press. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So like one of them you’re limited to three. One of the three options, um, one of them I think is seven. You’re for a bathroom, you’re limited to seven I believe. So let’s say you choose Whirlpool tub, a separate shower tub. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, separate shower tub and whirlpool tub. Cause those are two separate things. Yeah. Bid day. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, that’s three. Boom. You just hit your limit. Yeah. But there’s also two wash closets and there’s also cabana back there. Why is there a limit? I don’t know. You should just not make it a limit. Cuz I ran across this the other day listing something. It’s like, oh it was community amenities.
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, what if there’s more than seven? Mm-hmm <affirmative> like I wanna be able to list all of them. Now I have to figure out which one I have to leave out. So we really need, we have to have a one-on-one with the mls. There’s also no pickleball on on the options. That’s true. And that needs to be updated. And there, uh, there’s no sand volleyball court. And I’m getting technical, but I just was looking for one. Yeah. And there wasn’t. And if there is a space where you could add it in, that would be nice too. Volleyball court. Yeah. A sand one. Do they have, so they have no pickleball court. Do they have sports court? They have sporting, yeah. Like a sporting. It is sports court, but it, but it wasn’t a sand volleyball court. I think those are two different, they do a bass basketball, tennis.
Yeah. The obvious things. Yeah. Um, park and playground fitness trail and also, uh, bike path. Like I just went through this thing a hundred times to try. But also you’re limited so you gotta figure out the good ones and put them in there. We need to be on the M l s committee next year. True. True. That’s true. You should really work on that. I have a lot of um, like a first floor. I don’t wanna go into the handicap part of it, but the first floor, it’s not always the first floor. That’s true. Cuz you have to walk, you might have to walk upstairs to get to that main floor. Exactly. It’s main floor. I know. But the main floor is accessible only by walking up. Cuz like in broken sound there’s this club side point, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you have to walk upstairs to get to the main floor.
Yep. Same as the And there’s no way to know that. No. And I mean you can, in the handicapped part you can add that it’s not handicapped, uh, friendly, accessible. But in every other section there’s one floor, two floor, three floors, that sort of thing. There’s main floor. If this is a one floor house, which it is, but it happens to be on the second floor. It’s not, it’s not on the second floor. Cuz there is no second floor. Yeah. But have to go up to go stairs. You have to go main up to go into the entrance and then down to go from the entrance. Like at Matthew’s house you go up and then you go down. Oh, the little stairs you’re talking about. Yeah. And it isn’t one floor. It is one floor. It’s just not a flat one floor. The only way to find that out, because I did have a customer who needed that mm-hmm. <affirmative>
A couple years ago. You have to look at the pictures or call the agent. You’re right. It’s not in the mls. And what would that be called? Living room. Yeah. And I don’t think that’s in there. That’s not a thing. Cuz it’s like from the eighties it used to be a thing. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, okay. So sunken living room was a big deal. Everybody had one. Yes. And and now they’re getting rid of them by filling ’em up with concrete. Yes. And which is what my, um, house renovator investor does. And, and it’s a good idea. It’s great. Everything’s one floor. It’s real easy. Yeah. Um, but also you have to raise all of the sliding glass doors. Yeah. Huge. Because you’re now huge job. It’s a huge job. You’re raising the whole floor of the house. So it, like, let’s say you needed to put in impact windows that weren’t already there.
It that, and it’s fine. But you then you’re gonna step outside, you gotta go down mm-hmm. <affirmative> because you raise the whole floor of the sunken room. Right. Okay. So you gotta raise the windows, but the roof stays at the same level. Yeah. And I guess if it’s not a fixed roof, it, if it’s a roof that you can get, you’re not a roof, but a ceiling that you can raise up, then it’s fine. But if it’s just the, like the, the older eighties have a lot of the barn roof where it’s the um, oh, the big huge, the pieces of the wood, the big pieces of wood. Yeah. I forget what those are called. Yeah. The original, um, kind of looks like a barn. I think it’s, it’s not shingle. Yeah. It’s something else. I I, I actually, there’s a community in a country club I just went to and he said the name and I had forgotten it, but I need to figure that out.
Yeah. And people hate it or they love it. Yeah. Because it’s either too much wood or it’s just looks like you’re in a, um, a lodge. But it looks a little bit like the Hamptons too. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Don’t they have those roofs a lot Yeah. In the Hamptons. Yep. Um, it’s sort of a be it could be like a beachy look a little or a loggy look depending on the way it’s done. Right. And then also there, there is an option for fireplace. But what about the option for the fireplace that, um, isn’t just one fireplace because it’s, it’s between two rooms. Dopel sided. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Dopel sided. How about if it’s an electronic fireplace? It’s not a real one And you’ve checked fireplace and they were expecting like a real one that burns wood. I think what I think there is a wood burning fireplace as one of the options, but not a double-sided wood bu burning one.
Yeah. So, um, and also I was looking, there weren’t enough boxes for me to check for double door entry. So every door that opens on the owner’s suite of this side of the house has a double door entry that’s humongous. Wow. Like very, um, brand. Yes. You walk into the bent master bedroom and you’re like double door entry. It’s gonna be big. Yeah. You know, tray ceilings and everything. And when you’re in the children’s side of the house, it’s not like that. But they have a, an option that’s not in the mls that it’s transom transom windows that are above the door. They’re glass but they don’t open. Oh yes. So it make are they called? They’re called transom. And that’s in the mls? No, it’s not in the mls. <laugh>. That’s another thing. It’s not in the mls. Yeah. So it’s in, in this house everywhere.
There’s always glass above all of the entry of the doors. Yes. I know. Make it, make it feel taller. Yeah. And bring in the light. And um, that’s not in the ml. Well you know what, some things just have to be left to your imagination. I could see. But then again, I’m gonna, my next customer is gonna ask me for a house with only transom windows. You’re gonna be like, and I have, I have no way of searching. Yeah, I know. And I’ll tell you, I have one for you. Yeah. <laugh>. Okay, good. So then we’ll do a deal together. That’ll work. Perfect. Right. Um, I think that I can, that can segue into one of my favorite things to talk about is I wanna do a deal with someone that I really like. And every time we do a great deal with someone and it works out really well, I tell them the next, um, listing that they have or if they have a buyer looking for something specific, text me, I would like to do another deal with you.
This was great. So, um, I just did that with the person who my buyer bought from the, from the beach. And I said, I, I saw you just got a new listing and I have another client, I’m hoping they’ll like it. I might be texting you next week. And he was like, oh, I’d love to do another deal with you. It was so great. I’m like, that’s how I feel. If I do a deal with someone who doesn’t do their share of the job, then I don’t wanna do another deal with them. And I know you’re not supposed to steer your customer in any direction, but if you end up doing all the work for the other person that never showed up to the job, then um, why would you wanna do that again? True. It’s not, this job isn’t easy and it’s not mostly because of the people and that people can make it or break it.
Right. That every person in the transaction can do that. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And it’s, you know, when I watch all these real estate shows and they make it look so easy, there’s no detail about it. And Matthew always says to me, no one wants to see you work. It’s not glamorous, but all of that stuff that comprises a real estate transaction and all the interactions are so important. Right. And when you are dealing with difficult people or people who don’t respond, it is so hard to do, make the deal happen. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Right. I end up speaking to the other person’s client, customer. I speak to the other person’s customer as if they’re mine. I, I write offers from them to me. And I’m like, it’s because I’m just, they’re not. And they know, it’s not like she’s doing it behind their back by the way. They know that it needs to be done.
They just don’t do it. Oh no, I can’t get to that right now. I’m busy or away. No, they’re on a cruise. Right. And I can’t get to a computer. Is it okay if you write it, do you mind writing it? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. This is your job, right? Yeah. And then I’m writing the offer. I might as well represent that person. Oh great. Do I get both sides of the commission too? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yep. So a lot of times I’m, I don’t, I’m not bitter. I want the deal to go through. Yeah. And I do. And you know what if, if it makes it easier, I can write the offer from the other person Exactly the way I would accept it. Right? Yeah. And then I can say, give this to your client. They usually say, just send it to my client. I if I want you to write it, I don’t want, I don’t need to send it.
You send it, I send it to their client and they read it. And if they have a problem with it, I have to change it cuz they, they’re not the ones that are involved. I’m representing their client. Yeah. And I might not technically be representing them and I’m not getting paid on that side. And usually the buyer side is the one that gets the money. Yeah. But he who writes the contract kind of holds the power. If you’re writing the contract with the terms that work Right. For your buyer mainly mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Right. That poor person, the owner who’s supposed to be represented by their agent, who’s supposed to be doing a job for them, is really getting the short end of the stick. A hundred percent. And it’s so sad. They almost, they don’t know. They have no idea. Because if you listen, we don’t realize that most people only buy and sell a house once every however 20 years.
Right. It’s not often. So you forget the process. Unless you’re an agent, you do this every day. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So maybe you don’t know that that’s not normal as a seller. Maybe you think, oh yeah, that she’s doing all this, that’s fine. But their, their listing agent is supposed to be doing things on behalf of them. Right? Yes. You’re supposed to be doing them on behalf of the transaction. Right. I understand that. But maybe some things get missed. And the problem is, is that they’re not being represented. It’s, it’s a problem. Additionally, I had a client who, and I, and I asked that when can we talk about firing a client? And I don’t love talking about it because I hope that everyone’s gonna listen to the podcast and they’re gonna be like, wow, she could fire a client. She’s a bitch. You know? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But some people that are, um, using multiple real estate agents all over town, they don’t live here and they’ve pretty much called and went on Zillow, picked everything that they could find, contacted everyone that they clicked on, um, told every person that they know in Boca or around tell all your family and friends, this is what I’m looking for.
And then they, they tell you I’m your client and you write the offer. But I also told 400 oth, at least I found out, but I also told 450 other people and they’re all doing the same thing. And, and they wrote, you know, wrote another offer. I said, the person who writes the offer gets paid and so why would I want you, which will work with 400 other people. And someone else wrote the offer. And she’s like, okay, but I liked you the best. I’m like, well that’s great. I’ll get a trophy in the mail. Yeah. You know what I mean? I’m not gonna get anything from this if everyone else is working for you. Correct. I choose to work with you because you choose to work with me and that’s it. Yeah. I don’t go to a car dealership and work with every guy that walks up to me in the beginning.
There’s one guy that’s up and he walks up to that person. The next person that walks in the car dealership, the next guy that’s up walks up to that car dealer, you know, to that buyer. They each have an order. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, they don’t bombard the guy. Right. Yeah. That’s how it is in reality. Why would you have 500 people working for you? You know? And then what happens is there’s duplicates. I might send it. Right. And someone else might have sent it. Then what happens? Who writes the offer? I just saw this post on Instagram. It was like realtor to their, to their customer. Did you see the listing I sent you? And the customer says, yeah, I just wrote an offer. <laugh>. And the agent’s like what? Exactly. That’s really it. Yeah. Maybe I, I always try to give people the benefit of doubt and see the good in people.
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, maybe they just don’t understand hate. Well I hate, did hate say that. I tried it. I tried. I heard that. So do we explain it at the beginning? Um, to the buyer in a new relationship? Some people don’t. Well, okay, so if they don’t understand it, then yes. Right. Right. Because when they, you first start out, you say, listen, are you working with me and only me or do or are you working with other people? If they’re honest and they say, I’m working with other people, then I say, did you sign a buyer broker with other people? Cuz then I wouldn’t wanna work with you because they’re the ones that are gonna get paid. Um, no, I, you know, I just was clicking on stuff on Zillow or wherever. Sounds like dating. It is like dating. Right. You know, if you, are you dating a bunch of other women?
Well, yeah. Okay. Well did you, did you, did you get married to one of ’em? <laugh>? Did you sign it paper with one of ’em met that paper? No. No. I signed the paper, but I don’t really like them as much as I like you. Oh God. Uhhuh. But you know what, that paper obligates you to them. Right. But that doesn’t matter cuz I didn’t read it. I’m telling you what my client said. Yeah. And also I like you the best. And I didn’t read it. I just signed it cuz I wanted to write the offer with them. You know what I’m, you’re obligated. And also, um, what did I do wrong? And then you’re that, what did I do wrong? Almost makes you feel bad because everything, you did everything wrong. Yeah. But, um, now I should feel bad because you didn’t know better. I don’t know.
That just doesn’t fly with me. Yeah. So even if you are just clueless and you clicked on Zillow, which happens, and then the first person that you clicked on that paid the most to be the advertising agent, that’s not their listing, but whatever. If you thought it was, and you clicked on them because you wanted that listing and you got the information and they wrote the offer, and now you call me and say, um, I wrote an offer with a different agent. Right? Yeah. And I and can you bring, show it to me? Can you show up in the inspection? Stacy, can you count? Can the closing I like you better. Can’t, you’re not making any money. Can’t I can’t be there, but can you make sure it’s good that I make a good choice? And I’m like, oh my God, I’ve had a friend, I had like an acquaintance go to an op.
I was helping her buy a house mm-hmm. <affirmative> in a specific neighborhood. And she was like, oh, I went to an open house. I’m like, oh, you didn’t tell me. Oh yeah. And I wrote an offer. Do you think you could review the contract? And at that point I said, listen, I can’t review the contract. If another agent wrote it, that’s another agent and that goes against my code of ethics. I, I can’t get involved. And they’re like, really? You can’t get involved? No, I can’t read it. You are already obligated now to use that agent for that house. I said the exact same thing and it’s like they don’t understand it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So maybe the, maybe we have to set expectations at the beginning in a nice way, in a diplomatic way. But I just, the funny thing is sometimes they just don’t know these things until they come across them.
Right. Well, or, or they, what what they think is, like my son would say they, if they’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, they throw as much as they can cuz something’s gotta stick. They’re gonna find something if they throw more. Yeah. Like more will stick. And I don’t believe that out of all the things that, um, that are there to find, the more people you have looking, the more you’ll find. Even though I’ve been told that by many buyers, I don’t find it’s true. If you’re working with a really good agent, they’re gonna find whatever it is you’re looking for. If it’s not on the market. And the first thing my client said is it’s not on the market. I’ve already looked. I’m like, do you have an agent? No, I’ve been looking on, on Zillow or whatever. I said, okay, well let me look on the mls and then if I can’t find it on the mls mm-hmm. <affirmative>,
I will text every agent I’ve ever worked with and ask them if they have what you’re looking for. As soon as I did that, I got a reply from one of the agents I’ve worked with who said, I have what you’re looking for if you wanna come see it. No one’s ever seen it. It’s not, it’s not on the market. It’s a pocket listing. I was like, okay. Wow. Awesome. I win <laugh>. You know what I mean? I felt like I win. I get to tell her about it. She sends a friend, we go see it. It seems like the perfect deal. I write an offer, everything is going along perfect. And then the offer gets accepted. And this wasn’t the first offer that got accepted. And then later that night, um, she changed her mind mm-hmm. <affirmative> after all that. Yeah. So that’s like, um, I don’t know.
How, how do you compare that to going, getting all dressed up, putting on makeup, doing your hair, getting your nails done, getting waxed, paying for all of that <laugh> and going on a date. And right before you get there, that person cancels. That’s horrible. I I I’m sorry. I didn’t feel like, uh, doing it today will go five. I think there’s, I think you did more than that because once you write the offer now you’ve done more than just like showed up at the restaurant. <laugh>. That’s true. I sat down, ate all by myself. <laugh> paid the bill. Yeah. So, um, so now after the second offer was accepted and then canceled on, I decided I I wanna fire my client. I’m done. I’m done doing the Cause you don’t trust her anymore. No. And also, why do I wanna do this shit? Honestly, the job’s not that fun.
Yeah. It’s nice to get a really great client and it’s great to have an awesome transaction. And the best part is when people that you work with appreciate you and you appreciate them and the buyers and the sellers get along great and they love what they bought or sold and everything’s awesome. It’s awful when things don’t go right. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I don’t work well under that pressure mm-hmm. <affirmative> and when you can, things that are super avoidable, I would never have put in an offer and wasted the seller’s time on an unlisted. Um, having him sign extra stuff that says and negotiating, negotiating with him and, and you know, having an agreement with him as mm-hmm. <affirmative> as the agent, there’s a lot more work involved. Yeah. And, um, and my reputation, I don’t mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I’m not like out there saying, I’m all that in a bag of chips, but I’m putting my my name on the line and now you’re deciding later over coffee.
Oh yeah, that was too expensive. It wasn’t really what I wanted. But it’s almost like she was just like in it for the game. Oh, damn. And then because you got it, it’s like, ah, I don’t want it anymore. It’s not interesting anymore. And then now that person is, he’s still selling his house off market. Right? Yeah. You wanna have a good relationship with him. I do. I have Don’t to apologize. Yeah. Profusely. And he, I still am texting him. I’m so sorry. And he’s asking me if that buyer changed her mind and I said I fired her. Yeah. So you’re not working with her anymore. Even if she did change her mind and she does wanna put in another offer, I’m not gonna be the person that represents her. Yeah. And I know she’s trying to get in touch with me and I just, and I know it’s money on the table, let’s say, but it’s more difficult than it needs to be.
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, the job’s not that hard. It’s just, um, no two things are the same ever. So what it is, it’s, it’s not a hard job to do if you know how to negotiate, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and you know how to be specific and use detail and describe things. Right. And you talk to people and you have communication skills and you, you’re observant and all of those things, and you dye your eyes and cross your, the hard part is that no two days are ever the same. Mm-hmm. And no two issues in a real estate transaction. There’s something new every single time. Right. And, and a lot of things come up last minute at the very, very last minute, uh, the one of my buyers wasn’t sure that the sprinklers worked mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And I was like, well, I guess I’ll go there and turn them on and take pictures like, you know, annoying, but it still is a job and I have to go do it. So these are things that you don’t think you’re gonna be doing. And I, I don’t know how the sprinklers work. I don’t even know how they work in my house. They don’t show that on selling sunset <laugh>.
Yeah. And I, and when someone says to me, um, this is one I, I maxed out on the, um, the, I don’t know if it’s the land options, but there’s zone sprinkler mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there’s Lake Sprinkler. Oh yes. There’s, because that would be the water comes from the, it’s reclaimed. Yeah. There’s O city, sprinkly, <laugh>. It’s after I think there was seven options and I had already at four were on my sprinklers, you know? Yeah. And I was like, wow. Um, I better, I better slim down on my, my details about the sprinklers or I’m not gonna get to anything else. Yeah. Um, but, uh, a lot of the, a lot of the job is great when people ask me, how is it, it just, it’s like pushing a car. It takes a while to get going and then once it’s going, it’s going right. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and then you can just keep on going, doing the same thing and repeating and we’re in swash, repeat, blah, blah, blah.
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But, um, at the very last minute, if two personalities don’t get along, then you’re screwed. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And it’s not about what happened. You know, it’s not, it’s not business, you know? Yeah. It becomes ego. It becomes ego versus ego. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And then that’s why we should all be, you know, working with people that we like. And I try, I try to choose the people that I work with and not, and specifically I said this to Matt and he’s like, you have to show the property even though you might not like the listing agent. And I was like, no, not really. Not if I think that that property might not be the one for them. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there’s a listing agent that did something to us, um, for my buyer a couple years ago and he, when he sent our offer to every other person submitting an offer to try to get a higher offer Yeah.
Without giving you the opportunity. Yep. And the person who actually bought the house spent the same amount that was our offer. So, so they met our offer and he never gave us the chance, but he sent our offer everywhere and the other buyer got bought the house for our offer. Um, but that, that one thing about that one technique or, or that one misstep for me, I did call the board or whoever you call on, they said we could file a grievance, but my client would’ve been the one that had to do it. And they don’t really wanna get involved with that. They just wanna buy houses. Yeah. You know? Exactly. It should be like the agent versus the agent, not the client versus the agent. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know mm-hmm. <affirmative>, my client didn’t wanna deal with it, but he was really pissed if he, um, it would be one of those things that if we saw him, he’d slice his tires, you know what I mean?
Yeah. Let ’em know that wasn’t a good deal. Yeah. But, um, now that guy is selling other properties and his MO is make the property about a hundred thousand dollars less than what it should be. And so every time I see it, the first thing I see is, wow, there’s a new listening in this area and it’s super cheap. Yeah. And then I look at the, the agent and it’s always the same agent because he wants people to overbid, he wants to create a bidding war. Yeah. And then do this thing, this technique that you’re talking about every, so every time, I’m assuming, cuz at the end of the sale, it’s always higher than that original asking price. Mm. So the technique works for him, but he’s battling, he’s putting all of his buyers against each other. And if he did what he did with us, he’s sharing our personal information with all the other contenders.
Yeah. And then probably just choosing his friend Yeah. And telling them what to buy. And so, and he’s duping his friend in a way because he’s gathering all these, these offers to get his friend to make a higher offer mm-hmm. <affirmative> because he’s got real offers. Yep. So he’s actually not being a nice friend. No. He’s just letting it, this is a who, you know, kind of deal. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there’s a lot of agents, um, and I don’t think people know this. There’s a lot of agents that never put the listings into the mls. Mls and they just sell it to their friends mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And then they, uh, you know, at the end when the MLS asks you, is this just for recording purposes? They go into the MLS and they create the listing and then they, and they close it out. They close it out in the same five minutes.
Yeah. So you never had a chance to buy that house because they were selling it to someone already. And then your buyer says to you, why didn’t you show me that house? Exactly. And then you’re like, well, because it was only on the MLS for one minute and it closed a minute later. Right. So they either sold it to their own buyer, which a lot of people do. Yeah. Or they sold it to their friends. So there’s, they’re using it for statistical purposes. Right. Or to show that they had a sale. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So there’s a ton of people now that I’ve been in it for so long that I know who those people are. Yeah. They don’t have the listings in the mls you won’t find them there, but occasionally you do find ’em somewhere else. Like in Facebook you see, oh, it’s on her page.
I saw ’em and then I’ll go look it up. It’s not in the mls. I have to call and say, Hey, and they might or might not show it to you. Right. Yeah. Because you’re representing someone, they might wanna only get their own clients. So, um, I used to think that that was a detriment to the client because the client’s not getting all the offers that they possibly could Right. From the market. Right. Right. The market’s not getting to tell them how much their house is worth because someone’s sitting on it waiting for their own buyer. Yeah. But I guess if it doesn’t matter and they really trust their agent, then they always think that the agent’s doing the best job ever. Yeah. And maybe they are, but I don’t like the way that it feels. Um, those people that only work with their friends, that kind of thing.
Especially when your buyer’s looking in that particular community and didn’t have the opportunity to purchase the house. Right. And then they see in the MLS afterwards and then they start questioning you. Yeah. How did you know that? Oh, I should make, you know what that is. It’s set up exactly for them to do that, to question it so that they wanna go to that person instead of you because that person has the inside scoop on that neighborhood. A hundred percent. That was my, my theory the whole time. Yeah. And, and, and I get it. Um, if you have multiple, uh, listings in the same neighborhood that are all underpriced. Yeah. Right. If it works, it works. But it’s just shady because also maybe another buyer that came in from somewhere that you didn’t know that’s willing to pay way over. So now you didn’t give your seller the opportunity to sell their house for the most money.
Right. Because unless you open it up to the market, you don’t really know what the house could sell for. There is a one buyer, I mean, I know someone who has a listing right now. She didn’t think it would sell for the list price. She had that one buyer who wanted to be in that neighborhood cuz his daughter was going to the school right behind it and was able to get the deal. No one else, possibly, no one else would’ve bought that house for that price. Right. But there is that one person that might need that house mm-hmm. <affirmative> and now you’re not giving them the opportunity to buy it for the most amount of money. Right. Because no one knows about it. Yeah. So there, there’s a bunch of pet peeves that we just went over that you don’t really get to talk about because nobody wants to say all of the bad things that people do.
Yeah. Or better things that we could be doing. But um, in a day-to-day job, all of those things add up. Yeah. You could start out in the morning writing a listing and get frustrated because there’s not enough options of the things that you need or be looking for a purchase for your buyer. And there’s not enough, like for handyman, let’s say nothing pops up or you could be, um, trying to sell and looking for comps. And the comps are low because they, they did what, what I just said, what we just said. They sold it to their friend, you know what I mean? And then they closed it out on the same day. It was just for um, what do they call it? And it’s just when they close it out five minutes later, um, I forget what it asked you. It’s just for statistical purposes.
Yes, exactly. Yeah. So it’s not really a competitive market rate. No. They just sold it and put it in there for statistical market purposes. Um, then you have to do the comps for your own client to sell their house. And here’s this one that stands out from the rest. Right. I mean, I, I’m guilty of it. I’ve had buyers and sellers and they, the prices is lower than it should be. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but they already agreed on a million other things. So that’s why. But in this case you never know. Yeah. Right. Um, so, but it’s a good job <laugh>, Matt. We love this job. It’s really, really great. It is. Well, you’re a nat and you’re in such a natural, I mean, you know, the searching part, you really, I happen to like searching great searcher. I do too. I enjoy it. But really finding, you know, looking at the hot sheet every day and understanding that mm-hmm. <affirmative>,
The hot sheet by the way is all the new listings that got listed in the last however many hours you set it to. Right. And I love that you do that. I I and I did it for a while. I need to go back to doing that. It gets a little obsessive cuz that’s Yes. You keep looking and if it was 22, um, coming Soons about an hour ago and then it’s just 23, you’re like, ah, bummer. It’s so fascinating. Like just figuring out what’s listed and understanding the statistics of it. And then also like when you have a ha when you have a house listed for sale and then you get an offer or you start getting comments or you don’t get the buyers that you thought you would get, trying to understand why this house isn’t selling the way the other ones are.
Is it the street? Is it the location? Right. Is it something in the backyard? Is it, what is the history of houses on this street that’s sold these models on this street? Why are they lower than the other ones? Like there’s agents who will not, who don’t have the experience to do that. And when you can really understand the market like that and really get a grasp on it and then wanna search the history of sales, I obsess mls, I do it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I look at the history of sales for the whole for that one model on that one street for like the history of the mls. Right. And that will tell you a story. Yeah. There are a million stories in the data. I agree that like most people, I screenshot don’t. Right. I send it to my client, I said, look at this, you can tell the history of this house on this street and every other sh uh, on that street.
You can, you can tell exactly what happened over the last 20 years on this house. Yeah. And it’s, it’s kind of a sad story sometimes. Yeah. Because we’re looking for houses to renovate. Yeah. So it goes from sad to sadder <laugh> to really, really sad. Right. Maybe to foreclosure, but then bought out and then rented for like 10 years and then back to foreclosure or, and now someone bought it two years ago for 500 and, and put it a new sink and now it’s 2 million <laugh>. So I’m like wow. Um, that house was just bought for 500 on foreclosure two years ago. Yeah. Like we missed the boat on that one, you know. Yep. And I’ve screenshot those mm-hmm. <affirmative> only because it tells you the whole story that you don’t wanna come in late to the game on this one. Right. That house could be like a shell of a house right now, you know, because there’s been, it’s been tossed around and not cared about for so long.
That’s why when I, another option that should be in the MLS that’s not is original owner. Yes. Because the original owner houses are so different than the houses that have passed through several owners. Yes. If you’re the original owner and you’ve loved this house for the last, let’s see, it was from 75 to 85 to 95, 0 5 15, almost 25, 50 years. Yeah. And you’re like, I love this house. I’ve put everything into it. I lived and died and had kids in this house. Yeah. Blah, blah blah. Right. And I’ve loved this house for so long. If there was anything wrong with it, it had been fixed. Right. Because they live there. Yeah. This is the original owner. There’s two kinds of original owners though. There’s that original owner and then the one who doesn’t ever do a thing <laugh> and usually they’re nuts. It’s perfectly per but, and it’s perfectly pristinely like preserved in 1975.
It’s frozen and it’s really good shape. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So I have a buyer that always wants original owner but you can’t search for original owner. And you know what, they’re really looking for something else that might be in other properties that aren’t original owner maybe. But we have to figure that one out. I don’t know. I know that original owner house is a, it’s like a unicorn for me if I find it. Yeah. I, I now am listing an original owner house. Everything done by created about that house. It was, it built in 1992 was done by my seller. So she knows everything you can think of about that house. And I can answer every question because she built the house. That’s awesome. Yeah. But my, uh, buyer of mine who also buys only original houses from the original owner, I said, you have to see this house.
It’s not in great shape. It’s, it needs an update big time. But the things that are in it were loved. And anything that’s broken and it’s not there, it just means that it just wasn’t replaced cuz they were eventually downsizing and moving. The major things though were fixed. If there was a leak it was fixed. Right. Right. If it, you know, they painted, they did the things they needed to do throughout the years to maintain the home. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> to live in it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. Which is nice. Yeah. And, and I don’t think that the style of homes that it’s going on today will last forever. Everyone wants an open kitchen with white, you know, um, Calcutta tile, whatever it is. Soon everyone will come back to color and different um, rooms with different, you know, themes and not, and not just one blank slate of gray or white.
And so even the original owner homes are gonna come back in style. It’s just what needs to be replaced is like impact glass instead of accordion shutters. Yep. So, um, I find it’s rare if you have an original owner house and you wanna sell it and you’re worried that you’re not gonna get, um, good money, definitely contact me because I have a buyer for original houses that does offer good money cuz they’re gonna do a lot to it and make it awesome. And they care about it just as much as the original owner did. You know? Cause they wanna give it a new life. Um, so no Hoa Boca and original owner houses.com. Yeah. We should have original houses original owner. But the original owner should definitely be an MLS search channel. I think so too. Um, so that’s all I had to talk about. That was a lot <laugh>. But that was fun. I liked it. Right. So we filled up a hour. Yeah. And um, and next week Matthew will be back talking about whatever’s going on this week. Yeah. So have an awesome day and if you’re looking to buy or sell in Boca, give us a shout out. Yeah. Have a great one.
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