Ep. 112 – Always be following up!

Matthew Maschler:
Welcome to the Real Estate Finder podcast. I’m Matthew Maschler, real estate broker with the signature real estate companies here in the great state of Florida, and it’s me today, no guests. But I want to talk today about the importance of follow up. Most customers, most people say that their biggest complaint about their real estate agent is that they don’t follow up. If their buyers, realtors can sometimes put them on a saved search in the MLSA drip campaign that’ll just shoot off an email anytime something in their parameters hits the market. And it’s very important that as real estate agents, you do that, but that’s not the end of the story. That’s the beginning of the story. Although recently someone asked me, Hey Matt, how do I set up a drip campaign? My customer wanted an MLS drip campaign and I didn’t know what to do, and I’m scratching my head.
There were a realtor for over seven years. You’ve never done that before. It’s kind of crazy. So I know I’m on from when I sold my house in New Jersey in 2005, I’m on a realtor’s drip campaign that any house that fit my parameters back then in 2005, it was 19 years ago, anything hits the market. I get an email and part of me thinks that this is the best real estate agent in Marlboro, New Jersey because they’re always updating me on the market. And if I had to refer someone to a real estate agent in Marlboro, New Jersey, this is the first name that would pop up because I’m constantly getting this person’s emails.
So it’s constant branding and constant name recognition. So two things. One is it’s important to set up that MLS Drip campaign, but also it’s important to remember that’s not everything. It’s not the end of your job, it’s the beginning. So if you don’t know how to set up that MLS drip campaign, you need to take a class with the MLS, with the board. We don’t teach that at Signature Real Estate School. We don’t teach that as part of our continuing education. How to use the multiple listing service is a function of the Board of Realtors and they teach classes on it all the time. And if you do not know how to do that saved search, make sure you do it and then make sure you do a saved search for all of your real estate customers, buyers and sellers, because it’s free and it’s effective and it gets your name out there.
The other thing I want to say about follow up is if you get a lead, and even if they’re not ready at this time, you want to make sure that you are the agent that they call when they are ready. So if they’re not ready for eight months or even eight years, you need to spend time nurturing that lead. And how do we do that? We do that with the MLS drill campaign, right? That way you set it up nicely and you’re constantly emailing. It’s not too much, right? They could always shut it off if it’s too much, but it’s interesting, and a lot of my friends have safe searches from realtors that they don’t intend on using, but then they forward that email around and it has that realtor’s name and branding on it. So it’s quick, easy and effective and inexpensive. And like I said, it’s not the end of your job.
So when you’re with, so I’ll talk about two things here. When you have an active buyer and when you have a lead that you’re nurturing, so staying with the lead that you’re nurturing, it’s one of the reasons I do my monthly newsletter, right? It’s a constant source of information. I kind of got frustrated with realtors that send out emails for the holidays, right? Happy 4th of July, happy Thanksgiving, happy Columbus Day. It’s not informative, it’s not helpful. My personal inbox gets flooded with it’s time to change your clock back. So I kind of try to stop doing that in favor of content that was important.
So the save search and the monthly newsletter is important. If you can keep track of your customer’s birthdays and send them an email on their birthday. Now there’s ways of time delaying an email through Outlook or through, it’s built into the new iPhone mail app, and there’s aftermarket plugins you can use on your computer if you don’t have it. And so if once a month you schedule all of your birthday emails, Hey Steve, it’s great. Just once, wish you a happy birthday checking in and then schedule that to go out. So birthdays, anniversaries of closings, and it’s something I know I fall short on. I really want to use my CRM to do better with birthdays and closing anniversaries. But again, I know how I feel when my car salesman and different vendors and people I do business with during the year send me an email or a card or a phone call on my birthday. It feels nice and I want to make sure that I’m doing that with my customers and including leads that I’m nurturing. When you have an active buyer, you want to make sure that you are doing more than just birthdays and anniversaries and drip campaigns.
If you have an active buyer and you have a drip campaign and you’re waiting for them to call you and then you don’t speak to them for several months and then you find out that they bought a house, they didn’t cheat on you, you failed them. I firmly believe that anytime any of my agents complain about being cheated on that they dropped the ball. I don’t want to blame the victim, but did you call them? Did you invite them to an open house? Did you say, Hey, I saw this house. It fit your criteria? I was thinking of you. Do you want to go see it? You have to actively check on ’em. I like to do in my office, I like to do Friday updates for my active sellers, my active buyers, any active open project on Friday, send out an update. If you have a listing and you haven’t spoken to your seller in a couple of days or in two weeks if there hasn’t been a showing, but even if you have talked to them in passing and over the course of showings, anything, send it out on that Friday.
Hey, Steve, just wanted to let you know we had three showings this week. We’re still working. We’re looking to get people that are interested and then there’s what we have coming up and let them know about any advertising that you have come up, send them copies, send the customers copies of any advertising that you’re doing. You constantly want to be in their face. You constantly want to be known as when you have that active customer that you are working your job and doing your job. And when you’re nurturing your leads, you don’t want three months or four months to go by and then they need a realtor or they need to see a house and they don’t think that they can call you. So you always want to be following up your CRM. If you’re at signature, you’re using total brokerage. It’s very powerful. It could send emails, it could send updates, but also you send a text, Hey, I was just at this open house and I thought you might like it.
Send that text. Hey, are you busy next week? Do you have any days? Do you want to get together? Do you want to go see some housing follow up? I’ve had agents that I’ve given a lead to, and then I asked how it’s going, and they said that they’re waiting for X, Y, and Z. Okay, so a week or two later, I reach out to my agent, say, how’s it going with this lead I gave you? And they tell me they’re waiting for X, Y, and Z. So this happens to me five times. So two or three months pass by, and then I scratch my head and go, this sounds familiar. And I finally say to the agent, is this new information that you’re giving me or is every time I ask you, how’s it going? You’re telling me what happened that one time that you spoke to them when I first gave you the lead?
And I found out that they’re just repeating to me what they were told on that first conversation. And so when I followed up two weeks later and two weeks after that and two weeks after that and two weeks after that, they’re just repeating it to me. I’m like, you haven’t spoken to the lead since your initial conversation. It’s been three months. It’s been four months. They’re using somebody else. Always be following up, always be selling. You want to make a list of all of your active leads, active buyers leads that, that you’re nurturing. Call that your open issues list. And on Monday morning when you get to work, we start work at Signature. We have a Monday morning meeting at the 8:00 AM hour. Go to the top of your list and work your way down. Maybe it you an hour, maybe it takes you a day, maybe it takes you a week.
When you get to the bottom of that list, go to the top again and start over. So if you have 50, whether you have five or 50 or 500 open issues or open leads or open contact state, you have to nurture Start on Monday, work your way through the list by the end of the week. I think on Mondays you want to do your open issues list and nurture. On Fridays, you want to do your Friday updates. And this way nobody can say that you didn’t follow up and that you didn’t do your job or that you neglected your customer, you neglected your leads. I have leads that come to me years after that initial conversation, and I don’t do a lot of work nurturing them. If they’re on a safe search, if they’re getting my newsletter, if they’re getting just listed postcards from me, if they’re getting holiday cards from me, they’re constantly constant.
And I’m not talking about leads that I should be working more than just that passive. I call that passive. The passive drip campaign, all of those marketing things, the newsletter, the MLS searches and all the other emails or mailings and holiday cards, et cetera. That’s passive. That’s going out to my sphere of influence that’s going out into my farm areas and it generates business. And sometimes it could take a couple of years or it takes time. And I do get work out of that. And every once in a while, look, yesterday, someone says to me, one of my agents, an agent at Signature Realestate Finder says to me, well, Matt, I know you just listed this property, but the MLS says that I can’t advertise it without your permission. I’m like, you are my agent. You not just have permission to advertise my listings. It’s your job to advertise my listings, take my listings. Take any signature real estate finder listing, go on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok as if it’s your listing and start advertising it. Now, if your sphere of influence is in Wellington, don’t advertise a country club in Boca West. Take one of my listings. That’s as close as possible to what you think your sphere of influence is looking for and put it on Facebook or Instagram or anything. We just listed this beautiful condo, we’re having an open house Tuesday. Does anybody want to see it? And market that to your sphere of influence.
You want to make sure that your friends and family know that you’re a real estate agent, right? So all of my listings are your listings when you’re at Signature Real Estate Finder. And to the rest of signature, whether you’re at Signature one or Signature Paradise or Signature International or Signature Premier, it’s the same thing. Go ahead and advertise my listings as if they’re yours and find me a buyer. That’s literally the job. I always say the job of a real estate agent is to find someone who wants to buy or sell real estate, right? Everything else I can help you with. Everything else I could teach you. But your job is to find someone who wants to buy or sell real estate. And once you have that, then you can work and make money. And in finding someone who wants to buy or sell real estate, that’s also nurturing those leads of people who will in the future want to buy or sell real estate.
And you want to make sure that they’re buying or selling real estate with you. So always be following up. If I gave you a lead in February and it’s now April, and you haven’t spoken to them since that first time I gave you the lead, that is not okay. That means you’re not, I’m not going to get another lead from you. Give another lead to you. You have to, Hey, I’m just checking in. We had a lead that was someone who was halfway through their rental and they had a question about their lease. I thought it was a lead their lease, they still had six months in their lease, so that’s not the greatest lead. But you know what? In four months, this person’s going to either need to renew their lease or find something else. So nurture that relationship for the next four months so that way when they are ready to buy or ready to renew their lease, they’re going to work with you.
It’s just so important to make a list of your leads, your active customers, your inactive customers, and constantly follow up by phone call by text, by email. It’s dialing $4. I need all of my agents to understand the importance of following up the importance of updates, the importance of, I was thinking of you. There was a term I read recently in the Washington Post, and it was really meant for the dating sites. It was called Paper Clipping. And in the dating world, that meant that you went on a date with somebody you hadn’t heard from them in weeks or months. And then all of a sudden a text comes in, Hey, how you doing?
And it just comes out of nowhere. And the word comes from the Microsoft Word. If anybody remembers the old Microsoft Word, paperclip, clippy helper, it just appears out of nowhere. And I started thinking, that’s exactly what you have to do in real estate. Constantly be paper clipping, constantly be updating your sphere of influence, your leads with, and this is good advice for new agents, right? For new agents, you just became a real estate agent. What should you do after you take your total brokerage course with Gail over its signature? Enter all of your contacts into total brokerage. Enter their names, enter their email addresses, and then send out that very first email that says, Hey, everybody. I just wanted to let you know I got my license, or I changed real estate firms. I’m now with Signature. I’m looking forward to helping you with all of your needs.
If you are looking to buy or sell real estate, or if you know anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, I would really appreciate your referrals. Thank you so much. And blast that email out to every email address in your contacts, and then over the course of the next lifetime, as you meet people, as you meet people through your networking and dump their email addresses in to total brokerage, add them to your list and make sure you’re sending things out periodically. Information about whether it’s information about the market, information about mortgage rates, information about the NAR settlement. Constantly be sending that out, new listings just closed, et cetera. And constantly be sending that out so that way your sphere of influence knows that you are working in real estate. You want to do it through social media and through emails and through holiday cards and through postcards and all of the other stuff. If you’re sitting at home watching tv, you’re playing pickleball or going to the beach and you’re not doing these things, you are not working. All right? That’s what I came into the studio today to say. Always be following up.
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